Extensive delivery experience with the following:

Attorney Offices – Inter-office/Legal Documents/Court Documents

Independent Businesses;

Requesting USPS pickup and delivery (P.O. Boxes)

Businesses Bank deposits

Interdepartmental mail to affiliates

Cardiologists – Cd’s and paperwork to affiliated offices


Administrative Documents – board members, special deliveries

Central Supply – sterilization of surgical instruments to off-sites and surgery centers

Dock– supplies to off-sites

Inter-departmental mail – to off-sites and medical groups

Laboratory – Lab specimens, supplies

Laundry – to off-sites

Mailroom – to off-sites

Maternity – PKU’s to the State Lab

Medical Records – to attorney offices and courts

Operating Room – instruments to and from surgical centers and hospitals

Pharmacy – pharmaceutical drugs to off-sites and affiliates

Storeroom – supplies to off-sites

Oncologists – Lab specimens and pharmaceutical drugs

Orthopedists – Lab specimens

Pharmacies – special pickups and deliveries

Printing Companies – special deliveries

Surgical Centers – surgical instruments and pharmaceutical drugs

Radiologist – films and discs to radiology departments and hospitals