City-Wide Delivery Service, Inc. | Our Customer Commitment

We know in today’s times when picking up and delivering any item(s) from someone that has entrusted you with that task, it is imperative that customer knows they have made the right decision when choosing you. Our strict company policies and safety standards provide all customers with a professional and dependable, courier service at a competitive cost effective price. When making any delivery we ensure our customers with the secure and safe transportation of all work.

Our Customer Commitment

We’ll provide you with a “real life” professionally trained representative from your first contact with us to your last contact with us.

Our employees are:

Professional – competent and skillful
Honest – sincere
Dedicated – devoted to the task at hand
Dependable – trust worthy and reliable
Responsible – aware of their duties and trained for independent decision making
Friendly – they have a down to earth approach to others that is welcoming and positive.

Same Day Pickup and Delivery:

STAT/Urgent – within 60 to 90 minutes
A.S.A.P. – time sensitive
Routine – sometime through the business day
Scheduled – planned and scheduled in advance, could be a daily service pattern

Special training for employees:

Defensive driving techniques

Bio-safety (CT Standards)
Blood borne pathogen
Protecting the privacy of personal information
Proper handling and secure transportation of customer items
Electronically track your items from the minute it’s picked up to the minute it’s delivered.
An adequate vehicle for the task at hand, midsize cars, all-wheel drive SUV’s, vans and box trucks.
Our pricing structure is tailored and designed based on your specific needs.